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Comprehensive Alcohol And Drug Use Evaluation


Scheduled by appointment. The evaluation session is a 90 minute interview encompassing bio-psycho-social history. alcohol and/or drug use history, Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) and the Alcohol and other Drug Quiz (ADQ). Recommendations, treatment planning and scheduling are determined at this session. A report will be prepared and, with your written consent, mailed to your attorney or probation agent.

Twelve-hour (six-week) Alcohol and Drug Education Classes


Held during the evening (6:30-8:30) pm. You must enroll in order to attend. The classes illustrate the effect of alcohol on judgment, driving, ability, perception, etc. Information will be presented on the physical and medical aspects of alcohol and other drugs, the disease model of chemical dependency, the effects of chemical dependency on the family and others, and the pharmacology of drugs of abuse and prescription medications.

Level One Outpatient Treatment 


Individual and small group counseling sessions directed toward self-discovery, cognitive understanding, developing awareness of psychological defense mechanisms and teaching relapse prevention skills.